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The Biggest Darts Charity Night.

Started by John Lowe. Last reply by John Lowe Jul 5, 2011. 3 Replies

Scott, great to hear from you, I remember the night well ! I even played golf with your father at 12 noon the next day, he introduced me to Mullingans, more than one. For you non golfers, that is not…Continue

Engelbert's Charity Darts match

Started by Scott Dorsey Jul 3, 2011. 0 Replies

Hi John, Long time no see (since I help carry out a few players from EH dressing room inVegas that night!!) Im very happy that you are on board for the darts tournament My father is really looking…Continue

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Comment by John Lowe on March 18, 2013 at 6:59am

Comment by John Lowe on March 18, 2013 at 6:57am

I know you guys try your hardest to build your own dart throw,in the Den, the Shed, the Garage, wherever, can any of you beat this great surround I played a exhibition on, it's in Racey Byrnes Bar, in Carlow, Ireland, it really does make a good darting atmosphere in the bar, and the wires on the surround are made to perfection, OK i hear you, the colours of the 20 are not right, when I asked, the reply was "You are in Ireland" so, we can excuse that one, but the rest is superb.

Comment by John Lowe on March 10, 2013 at 6:45am

My coaching application for iphone and ipad: The Art of Darts, is receiving great reviews from around the world, nothing is better than to read someones game has improved, and more so when it is all down to a few minor changes, just a small adjustment in the way you stand, or keeping the arm straight and the elbow in, or a longer smooth release, now I am pleased to be able to say, for all the Android Users who continually ask me, when will it be available on our version, The Art of Darts will be released in Electronic book format on April the 25th, it is available for pre-order now at Amazon, price £4-99. 

Comment by John Lowe on March 8, 2013 at 4:53am

A few years ago I wrote, darts America is being lost, I blamed the invasion of the British, taking over the North American Open, branding it their own, and worse, running it their way, the old traditional way of entry , where players and teams could chose which event they wanted to enter, was changed, a lot of people would travel to Las Vegas, knowing they where not good enough to compete with the top players, or even the mid table players, but they still entered the blind draw doubles, in the hope they may draw a top player, their chance to play with the stars, that all changed and a one off entry fee to all events was introduced, entries dropped, and after a few years the event was lost, it was replaced with the Desert Classic, an event that would raise the profile of American Darts, but would it? it was screened on SKY TV in the UK, and Fox TV in America, when they had the time slot to do so, sadly it was all British, not a Stars and Stripes to be seen, not one American MC, or Caller, a piece of the Uk taken to America to promote a British product, it failed, and America was left with very little to replace the events lost. I beleived the PDC had given up on the growth of Darts America, I am pleased to say I was wrong, I received my copy of BEN. Bullseye News, today, and was delighted to read the news from the publishers...... The PDC have scheduled 10 Championship events, and prize money to include the top 64 at each event,a total of $132,800 on offer, they have also launched The North American Professional Players Association (NAPDPA) who will host a North american Open Championship in 2014, and finally, the road to televised darts in North America is getting shorter, the interest generated by David Irete, and his screening of NWDS events, have enthused 60 Minutes Sports, to air a speciall feature showing the Professional side of Darts America, I am delighted for the players, and the organisers, who never gave up  on Darts America, and more than delighted to see the PDC have returned to promote the growth of the sport in the USA, all I ask now, is to let the American Organisers run their own events, introduce their own MC/Callers, make it truly America, they know what they are doing, and they are very good at it.

Comment by Thorn on February 27, 2013 at 1:13pm

Awesome to have your updates John! Thanks for the mention, and I hope you find my friend Enda in Galway at McLinden's, they have two good boards. You played my friend Deano in Castlebar too; it's fun watching you tour now that I've been to those places and know some people and pubs! Rock on my friend.

Comment by John Lowe on February 27, 2013 at 5:17am
It's been a while since I entered Darts Underground, so time to bring you up to date, We spent the whole of January, and a little of February in Tenerife, my home from home, arrived home a little heavier, sun tanned, ready for a very busy time on the road, after just three days at home, it was time to head off for Wales, my first exhibition of the year, I was't surprised to see a sold out venue, it is a long time since I visited the very southern part of the Principality, next journey, Ireland, a two week visit, playing north and south, and that is where we are right now, after 7 days, we have visited, Dublin, Castlebar, Armagh, Dundrum, and the wonderful City of Galway, this is our mid tour break, and we have enjoyed it immensely, Galway is widely know has Irish Ireland, Quay Street area has everything, and the food in the Pub Restaurants, are of the highest quality, a visit to the Cliffs of Moher is a must, Thorn made the trip when he joined the last World Cup party, today we are off in search of a darts bar, not that easy, when you consider the amount of pubs there are in Galway, it is a little disappointing there are not more boards, but I am told, in the high season, there would not be enough space to play darts, in many town centre pubs, will let you know how we progress next time, my new web site is now up and running, take a look.
Comment by John Lowe on January 24, 2013 at 7:12am

From the Dessert Classic, to Darts in the Dessert, The Dubai Duty Free Darts Masters, was launched yesterday, $250,000 prize money for the top eight players in the PDC rankings, Taylor, Barney, Lewis, Wade, Van Gerwen, Newton, Whitlock, and Hamilton, will take part, the winner will receive $50,000, the expansion of the sport by the PDC is taking another direction, the Middle East and Asia, this is the first of a World Series of Darts, at the moment it is only available to a band of eight, but with the introduction of the sport to countries like Dubai, it is hoped major championships open to a far wider field can be staged, the Dubai Duty Free Masters, will be the first event to be played pout side, in the Dubai Tennis Club, the dates are: May 23/24, let's hope one of the World Series event stages will be staged in America.

Comment by John Lowe on January 4, 2013 at 5:30am

It's that time of year again, winter well under way, Christmas and New Yew Year over, time for a break, recharge the batteries, and still keep the arm going, time to head off to the Island of Fernando, or it's real name: Tenerife, a great Island in the Canary's, owned by Spain, but operates outside the EU, average rainfall per year, just 10 days, January can expect to be 25 deg daily, maybe a little cooler at night, we stay on the south of  Tanerife, at Los Cristianos, once a small fishing harbour, now built up but not overcrowded, it's ideal for people who like to walk, the sea fron broadwalk stretches from Los Cristianos to Caleta, probably 7 miles, and all flat, there are  plenty of good restuarants, and bars, for the darters: Chipeque Pool Bar, below Paradise Park Hotel on the left, close to the taxi rank, a real throw with Unicorn Eclipse Board, The Target Bar, top of the hill from the Harbour, turn left, Target is on the Terrace, again Unicorn Eclipse board, The Spirts Bar, next to Iceland near the open market, and Yella's Bar, two streets from the bus station, if you like golf, my course Amarilla is tough, but right on the sea, Adeje is a real championship course, and Los America's, a superb well kept course right in town. for the day trippers, Mount Teide is a must, the focal point of Tenerife, a Volcano that they say could errupt at some time in the future, but not this month, the Island of La Gomera, just a few miles off Tenerife, a stunning reserve of Foilage, and where the tradition of the people is to cummunicate by whisteling, the Atlantic Ocean between the two Islands is at it's deapest, almost one and a half miles, hence the whales who live there constantly. I hope I have wet your appetite, and you now realise why I have visited for over 20 years, Eric Bristow will be with me on this vacation, and Russ The Voice of Darts will be calling in for a week, we always stay at Royal Palm, you can take a look by clicking on the badge on this page, tell Neil the manager I sent you, and who know's maybe we will share a drink somewhere, one day, on the Island of Tenerife.

Comment by John Lowe on January 4, 2013 at 5:29am

Taylor wins his 16th world championship, beating Michael Van Gerwen by 7 sets to 4, it wasn't all that easy though, Michael won the first two sets, and missed darts at the double kept him from taking a 5-3 lead, but at 4-4, Taylor kept up relentless pressure on the young Dutch player, Taylor's previous thought about retiring after the disgrace at the end of his semi-final with Barney soon disappeared, and now he has his sights et on a 17th title, who is to say he will not do it? maybe a Mr Michael Van Gerwen.

Comment by John Lowe on December 31, 2012 at 10:48am

I know a lot of you do not have the opportunity to watch the live darts from the UK, especially, the world championships, so I try through my group to keep you in the loop, we are down the the final of the PDC championship, last night after the semi-final between Taylor and Raymond Van Barneveldt, there was quite a scene on the Ally Pally stage, you have probably heard many versions of what happened, today Taylor issued an apology, straight from a publicist, I am sure, this is the apology, and my views on just what happened.

PHIL TAYLOR has apologised to Raymond van Barneveld following their altercation at the end of Sunday's Ladbrokes World Darts Championship semi-final.

The pair exchanged words on stage at the end of Taylor's 6-4 victory after shaking hands.

Taylor has since contacted van Barneveld to apologise for the misunderstanding after being pulled off-balance by his Dutch rival's handshake.

"Raymond's a big lad and he has a strong handshake, and when he pulled me he it hurt me," said Taylor. "I reacted wrongly and I'm ashamed of that because I really like Raymond I'm gutted about what happened.

"It's upset a lot of people and it's also upset me. I've contacted Raymond to apologise to him and hopefully we can put it behind us now.

"I'm very close to Raymond, he's a great competitor and it was something that happened in the heat of the moment."


Well there it is, I didn't report the incident in my early post, I thought it would blow over, go away, but it hasn't, and SKY TV have covered the episode on their SKY News, calling it Agro at the Arrows, I know a lot of you read my report, and do not have the opportunity to watch the darts live, so I have to put you in the picture, at the end of the match which Phil won, Barney offered his hand, Taylor tried to pull away qucikly, and threw a few explicit words at Barney (television does not lie) Barney respond with a look of disbelief, and a shrug of the shoulders, Taylor stormed off the stage, still saying something to Barney, the audience where astounded  the TV viewers mesmerized  and the commentator non plus, I was tweeting at the time, and the reaction was incredible, not one tweet in favour of Phil, Barney is a very popular player, very respectful to the audience and his fellow player, and I cannot believe he would insult Taylor in anyway, my interpretation of events: SKY TV put together a pro-mo for the match, fast interview clips from Taylor to Barney, Taylor saying he was ready for Barney, Barney saying vice versa, then the interviewer asking Barney "are you ready for a fight" of course, I can win, and so it went, I believe Taylor took it in a persoanl way, and not the build up to pull in the viewers, that it was intended, and he showed it in his play, of course at the end of the match, he should have warmed to Barney, who after all was the loser, like boxers who knock the living daylights out of each other for 12 rounds, then embrace with respect, arena full, pro-mo worked, now we can be friends, That is how this match should have ended, with respect and dignity, instead it left a sour taste that many will not forget, to win 15 world championships, and now have a chance to make it 16, should have been more than a reward for Taylor and his army of fans, Barney should have been allowed to leave the stage a worthy opponent, who was not on his A game on the night, condescending is not a word I like, but it may be appropriate in this case. It will be interesting to see the reaction from the Ally Pally audience at tomorrows final.


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