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ebay vs. Amazon

ebay vs amazonUp until a few years ago, I did quite a lot of shopping on Ebay. Sure, every now and then I'd run into an unscrupulous seller and have a bad experience, but overall, I was able to save money by buying items on Ebay. I particularly liked using Ebay for buying used items, such as books, cds, and games. And I've saved quite a bit of money by buying used computer parts like CPUs and memory as well. But in the last couple years, I've had a change of heart, and now prefer Amazon. Sure, I still visit and buy from Ebay every once in a while, but the first site I go to in most cases is Amazon. Why is this?

On the whole, I find the vendors on Amazon to be more reliable. And while I used to favor Ebay for the used goods I could find there, Amazon sellers now sell quite a few used items as well, including books, music, and movies. While I ocassionally had bad experiences with Ebay sellers, I have yet to have an issue with something I've bought from an Amazon seller. Maybe they just vett their vendors more carefully. But for whatever reason, I have much more peace of mind buying from Amazon these days.

But perhaps most importantly, I made the switch to shopping primarily from Amazon sellers because that is where I find the best prices. At first glance, you may think that Ebay sellers have equally low prices, but I have found this not to be the case. The part that really ends up costing me a lot when I shop on Ebay is shipping. I don't know why, but I find that shipping costs are always lower for the products I buy on Amazon. What's more, I like the fact that Amazon has a very good rewards card, called the Amazon Rewards Visa Card. This card gives you a whopping 3% cash back on everything you buy on Amazon. You also get 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants. For a card that has no annual fee, this is among the best rewards cards I've been able to find anywhere.

To be fair, Ebay has a similar, Mastercard rewards card. This card, however, is based on points and gives you 2x points for every dollar you spent at Ebay. It also requires you to have a Paypal account. But the worst part is that 1 point does not equal 1 dollar. You'll be disappointed to find when you're redeeming your points that in most cases, you'll be getting less than a penny for each point you accumulate. When you do the math, the Amazon card gives you a lot more in terms of rewards.

In addition, Amazon simply provides much better consumer information when you are shopping. While the review on Amazon aren't always geniune or 100% accurate, they do give you a terrific way to gauge what the consensus opinion on a certain product is. This tool alone is a must-have resource for any serious shopper. In fact, even when I'm not shopping at Amazon, I still look up the reviews on Amazon because I have come to rely on them so much.

What really helped Amazon become my no-brainer, go-to web retailer was a program called Amazon Prime. Until I joined Amazon Prime, I had a Netflix account for which I was paying $8 monthly. Amazon Prime gives me a streaming service that is just as good, PLUS it gives me free 2-day shipping one everything I buy from Amazon. Note, however, that the free shipping won't extend to Amazon Marketplace sellers, which is a bit of a letdown. But I still find that I save at least $100 a year in shipping by having a Prime membership. These savings pretty much pay for the program, and I end up getting the streaming service for free. To get more insight into how Amazon Prime works, check out this video:

If you talk to other shoppers, you may get a different opinion. But for the reasons I've listed above, as far as I'm concerned, Amazon comes out as the winner when compared to Ebay.

Getting the most out of Match.com

Online dating sounds a lot simpler than it actually is. A lot of individuals have the impression that all you need to do is put up a profile and wait for results. Nothing could be further than the truth. To find success in online dating, one must exert a good deal of effort, as with all things in life. Today, I will be going over some things you can do to get the most out off the widely used dating site, Match.com.

match.com coupons and promo codes

Before you open up a paid account at Match.com, I think it would be wise to get a Match.com free trial. This will let you use all the features that members typically pay $20 or more for each month. Although it only lasts for 3 days, this trial will let you set up a profile, do some searches, and communicate with other people. After the 3 days are up, you should have a pretty good idea of how the site works, and whether or not you want to stay on as a member.

I do not think it's smart to pay monthly, since you get a lower price buy purchasing multi-month memberships. Thus, select a plan that lasts at least 3 to 6 months to get a favorable deal. If possible, try to use Match.com coupons as well, as this can often save you additional money. Once your membership is active, then you want to have initiative and begin contacting anyone who catches your interest. The key is to begin as many conversations as possible and see where things lead. Do not fall into the trap of being too picky from the start. Instead, don't over-think things and just strike up conversations with people in your local area.

If you are a guy on Match.com, it's important not to get discouraged. Many accounts are owned by people who are not very active on Match.com any more. This means that more often than not, you may not get a response to a message you send. Instead of sending long-winded messages in your first contact with another member, try to ask questions or engage them with a sentence or two instead.

Should you find that you aren't getting the kind of success you imagined, it may be a good idea to read articles or even books about how to successfully date online. The fact is that if you simply tweak a few things, you might start seeing better results almost immediately. A fresh set of eyes can often provide some much needed feedback on your dating profile or photos. So don't be afraid to ask your friends or family members to take a look at your dating profile.

While online dating may seem intimidating to some people, its crucial to simply get started and not fear making mistakes. So go ahead and grab Match.com coupons and promo codes which will allow you to get a free trial for 3 days. I tell people to start with the bigger sites like Match.com and Zoosk. The reason for this is that you'll have a better chance of meeting someone when you use a site that has thousands of members within your local area.

Using Inkfarm for Discounted Printer Ink

Chances are, you're currently spending too much money on ink. If you buy OEM cartridges like most consumers do, then you're paying a lot more for your printer ink than you have to. In this article, I will show you how you can get discounted printer ink by using online ink stores like Inkfarm.

OEM cartridges are manufactured by the maker of the printer, and usually are the most expensive type of cartridges. The advantage, however, is that you'll be using brand new ink cartridges and the possibility of having any kind of issue is close to zero. If you have money to burn, by all means, you can continue using OEM cartridges.

For the rest of us, however, buying something other than OEM cartridges can lead to significant savings. This is usually done by buying remanufactured cartridges from stores like Inkfarm. I recommend only buying remanufactured cartridges from a store that specializes in selling ink or office equipment. Otherwise, there is a higher probability of receiving a cartridge that does not work as advertised.

On average, a remanufactured cartridge should save you 20% or more on your ink. This may only end up being a few dollars for each cartridge you buy, but think about it this way: Many of us go through quite a few cartridges each year, and since ink cartridges are something you buy on a regular basis, those few dollars of savings one each purchase will eventually add up to be quite a lot of money. Sometimes, you can even find Inkfarm promo codes or other deals online to increase your savings even further.

The bottom line is that, so long as you can find a reputable ink dealer like Inkfarm, it makes sense to start buying only remanufactured cartridges. And remember to buy in bulk when possible, as this will allow you to get extra discounts.

Decorate Your New Home with Canvas Prints

So you've purchased a new home, but that's just the beginning. Next, you must figure out how to best decorate your home, and that's no easy task. Looking at pictures in magazines or websites should give you plenty of ideas, however. If you have any friends who have an eye for design, it could be a good idea to get their feedbacks on any ideas you have for decorating your home.

One thing you might want to add to your home to add a bit of personality are canvas prints. For those who are not in the know, Canvas Prints are photos or artwork that are printed on a canvas, much like a traditional painting. This gives the image a more artistic look, and since not everyone makes canvas prints, it will definitely attract some attention and make your home environment seem more unique. If you are interested in doing something like this, you can read more at the website for Canvas People, which is currently my favorite site for ordering canvas prints.

The most important element for creating eye-catching canvas prints is to pick out a suitable photograph or picture to use. Make sure it has a sufficiently high resolution, so that the resulting image, when printed, will look sharp. Most canvas printing websites, such as Canvas People, will provide guidelines for how high the resolution for your images should be. Also, when you place your order, be sure you use online coupons to receive discounts at Canvas People.

Of course, there will be times when you require printing services for something more professional than canvas prints. This could include things like posters, banners, brochures, or business cards. Unfortunately, Canvas People is not a one-stop shop and only specializes in canvas prints. So whom should you turn to when you want business printing done?

For me, the perfect company has been Printplace. This company can handle just about any printing need your business may have. The quality of work, on the whole, is quite high. You can confirm this yourself by requesting a sample kit (which is free). And while prices at Printplace aren't the lowest, you can usually get a pretty good deal by using Print Place online coupons.

In conclusion, I find Canvas People a great way to print something unique that could make a good gift. On the other hand, whenever you need more professional printing for a company or small business, then Printplace is a good option to consider.

Options for Doing Taxes On Your Own

turbotax free trialTax preparation can be a big annual expense, thanks to our complex tax code that is very difficult for average folk to figure out on their own. I've long advocated a simplified tax code for this reason, but while politicans talk about it year after year, and mention it election after election, it seems that nothing ever really gets done, and we continue to be stuck with an overly complex system. Because of this, there is a huge cottage industry that helps people prepare their tax returns each year. These services are run by huge companies like H&R as well as large CPA firms. And the worst part is that, even the simplest returns can end up costing hundreds of dollars for people who go to such tax preparation firms.

But what happens when you go to such a firm? Typically you are asked a series of questions and the employee simply enters your information into a software program. In other words, the software is doing all the work, and the process is mostly automated. So why couldn't you just obtain your own software and do all the "data entry" on your own instead of relying on somebody else to do it? That's the question I asked myself years ago, and that is how I came upon a program called Turbotax (There are a few other competing programs as well, but they are of inferior quality and you really shouldn't consider them, even though they are sometimes cheaper).

It turns out Turbotax has been around for some time, and it is the #1 program for tax preparation that's used by self-preparers. The program is quite easy to use, and you just need to answer a bunch of questions, just as you would had you hired a professional. Then, Turbotax does the rest and generates your forms for you. You can then submit them electronically, and you are done. The total cost for doing this can be free if you have a very simple tax return (The Turbotax free edition can be obtained at http://freetrialspot.com/turbotax.php if you are interested in checking it out). Other users will usually have to pay 40 or 50 dollars, which is still much less than what you'd otherwise pay.

With that said, I should mention that in some cases, it's still a good idea to hire a professional. Examples might be when you are involved with real estate transactions, or unusual tax-related situations that will require the expertise of a tax professional. So you shouldn't try to always use Turbotax, but in most years, it will be more than enough for preparing your returns, and can save you hundreds of dollars.

A Review of White Cloud Ecigs

I've tried quite a few e-cigarettes over the past 3 years. But unlike most people who vape, I'm partial to the smaller e-cigarettes that resemble regular cigarettes in size and appearance. I just find such e-cigarettes to be more handy and easier to manage, since all you need to deal with are the battery and cartomizer. If you use pre-filled cartomizers, that makes life even easier since you don't have to refill cartomizers with e-liquid on your own.

There is a problem however, when you use small e-cigarette batteries, and that's the fact that finding good batteries can be a bit of a challenge. This is particularly true for automatic batteries, but I've had issues with manual ones too. They just don't seem to hold a charge for long, and in some cases, drawing on the cigarettes can be rather difficult for the automatic batteries.

Given this situation, I buy new batteries from new companies every few months to see if I can find the perfect e-cig battery. I think that finally, my search may be over. Recently, I got myself a White Cloud e-cigarettes, and it has performed extremely well. The automatic battery I got is by far the easiest to draw on, and this makes vaping much easier and pleasurable for me.

So why, you might be wondering, did it take me so long to find a battery I like? Well, to tell you the truth, I was avoiding the more expensive batteries. The White Cloud Cirrus Ecigs, for example, costs almost $20 per battery for the extra-long size. Even if you use White Cloud Ecig coupons from http://e-cigbargains.com/white-cloud/, your cost is still over $20 when you factor in shipping costs. When you compare this to the batteries offered by other e-cig companies. it is quite a bit more expensive. But now, I realize that I have been mistaken to avoid the costlier e-cigarettes.

Vaping is something I do every day, so it makes sense to pay a little extra if it means that I'll enjoy vaping so much more. I should also mention that I tried some prefilled cartomizers from White Cloud as well, and found them to be excellent. Like their e-cigs, they are more expensive than cartomizers offered by other e-cig stores.

Are Match.com Commercials Accurate?

You've probably noticed that Match.com has a new series of commercials. In it, you have a spokesperson for Match.com approach people on the street to ask random people if they have tried Match.com. If you are to believe the commercials, it seems quite a few people haven't tried online dating, and are quite surprised when they find out the quality of people on Match.com. Below are examples of some of these commercials:

This got me to wonder just how prevalent online dating is, and I began to do a bit of research. What I found out was that 1 in 5 people have tried online dating. The numbers are higher for younger people, and lower for older people, which probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone. Another interesting statistic was that 1 in 3 people who get into relationships today first met online. So while online dating does not completely dominate the dating landscape, it is definitely one of its most influential factors.

In a previous post, I mentioned how to get the most out of Match.com. In this article, I would like to focus a bit more on what it takes to succeed in online dating.

I believe that most people have a "fly by the seat of your pants" approach to online dating. Stated another way, they create a profile and just "wing it." In my mind, this is not a good idea. You may meet your future wife or husband online, so you should put your best foot forward and also put some serious effort into getting results.

This means reading articles and even books on how to do well with online dating. There are many resources you can turn to, but it's important not to get all your information from one source. A better approach is to read many different viewpoints and use the tips and advice that have the most appeal to you based on your own preferences and personality.

Also, don't cut corners like using selfies for your profile picture. The pictures you put up are among the most important things, so you should take great care when taking the photos and choosing which ones to use.

As I mentioned in my previous post, you can receive a 72-hour Match.com free trial coupon from certain sites. I recommend using such offers when you first set up an account. 3 days isn't a long time, but it's better than nothing and you should know by the end of the free trial whether or not you want to upgrade your account.